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2017 JURY

"The harsh truth is: good content and stories are shared because audiences find them interesting, not because they belong to a brand. And probably, the brands' biggest challenge in the present days is how to captivate and get the attention and the time of today's dispersive audiences.

Brands that generalize don't talk to everyone.  Generalization has become disposable in advertising and in any form of content and entertainment today, giving space to what spells the difference, to what is peculiar, types and genres. But brands need to do that responsibly and with consistency. This can't be done only to generate controversy but through relevant and humanistic stories in forms of fiction, science fiction, animation  or documentary - they must be original and authentic narratives, with human values, based on truth and made for real people.

Brands must address the truth with honesty, with amplitude and depth because this is what really matters to people, taking over the moral duty to represent the company and to transform the culture." 
Patrícia Weiss | Strategic Consultant for Branded Entertainment / EP | | Sao Paulo 

"A person who loves entertaining people is always being loved by them, and brand is the same. The A-List Award is the hottest award show that reminds you a principle of connecting people with brand."  ~ Atsushi Ishiwata | Senior Creative Director | Havas Worldwide | Tokyo 

"It really doesn't matter any longer if it's branded entertainment or entertainment,  what matters is if it's a great story."  ~ Dominic Sandifer | President | Greenlight Media & Marketing | Los Angeles 

 “As audience viewing platforms and viewing options continue to evolve, the nexus between advertising and entertainment has become one of the most exciting and valuable areas of brand communication. The A-List recognizes this and awards the best work in this space from around the world.”  ~ Justin Drape | CCO & Co-Founder | The Monkeys | Sydney

"Somewhere along the line, Madison Avenue and Hollywood had a big old baby. And to everyone’s surprise it wasn’t nearly as ugly as we would have thought. In fact, this big strange baby can be downright magical. I’m glad we have a show to properly celebrate its place in our culture."  ~ Will McGinness | Partner, Executive Creative Director |  Venables Bell & Partners | San Francisco 

“The human connection has never been more important. And that’s the type of work The A-List Hollywood Awards brings to the forefront and celebrates — it’s the work that you simply cannot ignore.”  
Debbi Vandeven | Chief Creative Officer | VML | Kansas City 

“The proliferation of ad blockers is just one of many indicators that people have never been less accepting of uninvited and intrusive marketing messages. So now more than ever, it’s not what brands say, it’s what they do that matters. Leave it to the traditional shows to celebrate the Sayers; The A-List exists to celebrate the Doers.”  ~ Omid Farhang | Chief Creative Officer | Momentum Worldwide | New York 
Jen Dennis | Executive Producer | Branded Content and VR | RSA Films | Los Angeles 
Robert Donnell | CEO & Founder | Brand Arc | Los Angeles 
Tom Meyer | President | The Marketing Arm / Davie Brown Entertainment | Los Angeles 
Marc Wesseling | Founder/Director | UltraSuperNew | Tokyo
Alexander Schill | Global Chief Creative Officer | Serviceplan Group | Hamburg
Karin Onsager-Birch | Chief Creative Officer | FCB Global | San Francisco 
Erik Holmdahl | Global Partner/Creative Director | TBWA\London
Alex Yenni | Co-Founder, Managing Director | LoveChild Studio | Santa Monica 

2016 JURY
"Powerful brands play a meaningful role in peoples life. The quality and value of branded entertainment and brand experience makes the difference. And this is what The A-List Hollywood Awards celebrate.“
Elke Klinkhammer | Chief Creative Officer | McCann Worldgroup Germany | Frankfurt 

“Unbranded branded entertainment” is the future of marketing, and brands risk losing relevance if they do not create premium, destination content. The A-List Hollywood Awards are blazing a trail by celebrating this important shift in a unique and exciting way." 
Kelly Mullen | Vice President of Branded Entertainment | Ketchum | New York 

Philippe Meunier | Chief Creative Officer & Co-Founder | Sid Lee | Montreal

     "While many of the great advertising award shows have embraced the brand work being done at the intersection of marketing and entertainment, the A-List Hollywood Awards were born to celebrate this work.” 
    Chair - Jae Goodman | Co-CCO & Co-Head of CAA Marketing | Creative Artists Agency | Los Angeles

     "In advertising and marketing, one thing has stayed the same for decades: telling entertaining stories is what it’s about. But today the possibilities and channels are endless. The A-List Hollywood Award therefore is a perfect fit for our times."
    Stefan Kolle | Founder & Chief Creative Officer | Kolle Rebbe | Hamburg 

     “Awards shows have two purposes: to reward the remarkable, but even more importantly to show the way forward for our industry. So I'm hoping that we not only get to award some great pieces, but also select a body of work that inspires agencies and clients alike with the possibilities that branded entertainment brings.”
    John Mescall | Executive Creative Director | McCann | Melbourne
    "Today, we are only limited by our imagination, but our imagination knows no boundaries. This show provokes and celebrates just that." 
    Tham Khai Meng | Worldwide Chief Creative Officer | Ogilvy & Mather | New York 

    "It says A-List. It says Hollywood. It says awards. All I have to do is decide what I'm going to wear." 
    Gerry Moira | Chairman & Director of Creativity | Havas Worldwide | London

    "We're not in the information age, we're in the entertainment age. Brands that get that will win.” 
    William Gelner | CCO & Managing Partner | 180LA | Los Angeles

    "The A-List Hollywood Awards sit at today’s critical intersection of entertainment and commerce. Bringing those two worlds together with class is an art form. I’m excited to celebrate the best." 
    Jay Benjamin | Chief Creative Officer | Leo Burnett | New York
    “It's about time branded entertainment- one of the fastest-growing marketing practices - got the creative recognition it deserves.” 
    Rob Donnell | Founder & President | Brand Arc | Los Angeles

     "I'm honored to be on the jury for the 2014 A-List Hollywood Awards! I can't wait to celebrate the best of the best in advertising and entertainment."
    Mark J. Marraccini | Head of Development | Kids at Play | Los Angeles
    There are so many great creative pieces being done that bring advertising, marketing and entertainment together. Wonderful thought that leads to some truly remarkable, entertaining work. The A-List Hollywood Awards allows us to take a step back and celebrate this great work around us, and give accolades to those who have inspired us all to be better creative artists.
    Brien Holman | ECD / Partner | Royale | Los Angeles
    "The best marketing content doesn't interrupt consumers. Rather, it becomes that which they're most interested in. The marriage of advertising and entertainment is the very embodiment of that principle." 
    Greg Braun | Executive Creative Director | Innocean | Huntington Beach

     "Our industry already dabbed with entertainment way back in the day, somewhere along the way it lost that focus.  Now we have plenty of reasons to celebrate this resurgence, and I really look forward to being part of an award show that has entertainment at it's core. "
    Jaime Mandelbaum | Chief Creative Officer | Y&R | Prague

     "The A-List Hollywood Awards stand out as a unique way to celebrate the brands that have learned how to entertain us."
    Neil Robinson | Founding Partner | Zeus Jones | San Francisco

     "We should be striving for the day all advertising is considered valuable because it's entertaining. Any show that keeps us on that course is bloody exciting indeed. Count me in."
    Paul Nagy | Executive Creative Director | Clemenger BBDO | Sydney

     "There is branded entertainment and there are brands that entertain, I'll be looking for the latter." 
    Pelle Sjoenell | Executive Creative Director | BBH | Los Angeles 

      “Thanks to YouTube and SNSs, nowadays there are no borders between advertising and entertainment. The A-List Hollywood Awards reflect the times we live in. Can’t wait to see what is purely fun!”
    Masako Okamura | Creative Director | Dentsu | Tokyo

     "Finally advertisers start to realise that content is king. The A-List Hollywood Awards will will make them also realise that great content is entertainment."
    Willem Van Den Hoof | Founder & CCO | Make Lemonade | Brussels

    "We used to say Branded Entertainment is the future of advertising. It's actually the present. The A-List Hollywood Awards is what every International ad show should be doing: celebrating brands who have demonstrated the ability to entertain and engage their consumers; and, as a result, totally reinvent their brand with its consumers."
    Fred Levron | ECD/CD Digital & Branded Content | Ogilvy & Mather | Paris

    "Folks don't wanna be sold to, they want to be entertained. No matter what screen they view it on, the stuff they choose to spend time with has to be good, and only the most entertaining stuff will win. The A-List Hollywood Awards will be a great chance to see who is doing it best."
    Conway Williamson | CCO | Erwin Penland | New York  

    2013 JURY
    Doug Scott | Ogilvy Entertainment | New York

    Scott Donaton | Ensemble | New York

    Mike Wiese | JWT | New York

    Fredrik Carlström | C&CO | New York

    Francesca Silvestri | Freestyle Productions | Los Angeles

    Eric Johnson | DDB | Chicago

    Jared Hoffman | Generate | Los Angeles

    Todd Hunter | Creative Artists Agency | Los Angeles

    Dana Garman Jacobsen | superstudio | Los Angeles

    Chantal Rickards | MEC | London

    Sirena Liu | Filmworks China Entertainment Marketing | Beijing

    2012 JURY
    Rob Donnell | Brand Arc | Los Angeles

    Laura Caraccioli | Electus | New York

    Ned McNeilage | Creative Artists Agency | Los Angeles

    Ruchi Sharma | Lowe | Thailand

    Juliet Seniff | Funny or Die | Los Angeles
    The A-List Awards

    The Short-List Jury
     Timo Mitsuaki Otsuki 
    Executive Producer
    Cutters, Tokyo

    Alessandro Sciarpelletti
    Creative Director
    We Are Social, Milan

     Arthur Policarpio
    Mobext, Philippines

    Julien Chiapolini
    Executive Creative Director 
    McCann, Paris

    Fady Salame
    Executive Producer / Partner  
    UNIT+SOFA, Prague

    Eric Sorensen
    Founder, Managing Creative Director
    Solve, Minneapolis 

    Adrian Rossi
    Executive Creative Director
    AMV BBDO, London 

    Ricky Vior
    Executive Creative Director, Creative VP 
    The Comunity, Miami 

    Miwako Hosokawa
    Creative Director / Copywriter 
    Dentsu, Japan